4Ps of Successful Company

While attending a competitive strategy course at Purdue MBA, I started to write down my thought about how several successful companies are built through the several years. It seems very clear that they have several common aspects, and they look rather simple, not complex. (Note: This is an initial idea of 4Ps of Successful Company).… Continue reading 4Ps of Successful Company


Heavy Price of Becoming Successful

People assume that if successful people have better chance or opportunity, then most others assume that the successful people have been stealing other people's opportunities. People feel personally attacked and ask themselves "Why not me?". Often, some people will ask "Why him?" or "Why her?" because in their mind, they say "he/she isn't worth the opportunity!".… Continue reading Heavy Price of Becoming Successful


Elizabeth Gilbert: Success, Failure, and the Drive to Keep Creating

Eat, Pray, Love is the modern-day definition of a literary success: a staple on several bestseller lists when it first came out, the novel became a film adaptation starring Julia Roberts. But soon after, author Elizabeth Gilbert felt stuck, so burdened by her own hype that she considered never writing another book. “I had to… Continue reading Elizabeth Gilbert: Success, Failure, and the Drive to Keep Creating


Investing in Your Success

The word "success" can be defined in various perspectives, depending on what kind of values you hold yourself. Success may be acknowledge based on the social, financial, sports, musical entertainment, educational, and artistic achievements. Prime examples of these success can be seen from famous individuals: Picasso (Art), Albert Einstein (E=MC^2), Stephen Hawking (Black Hole Theory),… Continue reading Investing in Your Success