Top Resources for Startup Investing

Following are some resources: TV Shows Meet the Drapers – The Drapers are a family of three generations of Venture Capitalists and angels. Hone your investment skills as you watch as they interview founders who have raised capital on the Republic funding portal and invest alongside them if you choose to. Shark Tank – Featured by ABC’sContinue reading “Top Resources for Startup Investing”

31 Best Books For Entrepreneurs

After reviewing and reading several books, I came across several important books that were repeatedly mentioned by entrepreneurs and marketers. Following are the top 31 books that are recommended, according to their usages. BOOKS FOR FINDING AND TESTING BUSINESS IDEAS Building a business from scratch is often the hardest aspect and finding what is yourContinue reading “31 Best Books For Entrepreneurs”

Lecture 7 – How To Build Products Users Love (Kevin Hale)

This is #7 Lecture from Stanford University. In this video, Kevin Hale introduces how he solved users’ problem and built products that customers loved. Kevin Hale is the founder of Wufoo Form, which was acquire by Survey Monkey for 35 Million valuation. Unlike many other startup CEOs, Kevin Hale compares the product development into simpler idea: HumanContinue reading “Lecture 7 – How To Build Products Users Love (Kevin Hale)”