Basic Chart Patterns

Having previous attended various events, including TD AmeriTrade, Charles Schwab, Online Trading Academy, and even, I can attest that learning chart patterns will help relieve your stresses by knowing movements on day to day or for future stocking pickings.¬† #Trading #Stock #ChartPatterns #Analysis Even if you are not the chart or technical experts, youContinue reading “Basic Chart Patterns”

Snapchat IPO: Why Not to Invest in $SNAP and Overhauling Snapchat

On March 2, 2017, snap¬†(SNAP), the parent company of Snapchat, went IPO and its stock opened shortly before 11:20 am on Thursday in New York. It initially started to trade at $24/share, rising 41.2% from its initial opening price of $17/share on Wednesday.[1] As of Friday March 3, 2017, $SNAP stock rose 20%, rising aboveContinue reading “Snapchat IPO: Why Not to Invest in $SNAP and Overhauling Snapchat”