How To Evaluate A Website for Placing Sponsored Ads

As a marketing professional, I’ve seen many top SEO or SEM companies say they can effectively target their audience. But they don’t really show their ROI statistics or where they’ve placed ads. I can not overstate how many marketing professionals say “I focus on delivering ROI” for their marketing budget in the promotional ads ofContinue reading “How To Evaluate A Website for Placing Sponsored Ads”

Top 10 SEO Myth – Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO), is the ability to create content on your blog or website that is appealing search engines (and readers). Your site needs to be created in a fashion that increases your visibility and ranking, as well as enjoyable by readers. We’ve all heard of various methods we can employ to try andContinue reading “Top 10 SEO Myth – Search Engine Optimization”

BEST Keyword Research Method

Following article is written by Hyun Kim. PDF content is originally from and it belongs to Aaron Wall. I’ve been reading upon the, which is one of the most searched websites in the India and the USA. Alexa has ranked this website as #3100 (for the USA), and #710 (for India). wasContinue reading “BEST Keyword Research Method”