4Ps of Successful Company

While attending a competitive strategy course at Purdue MBA, I started to write down my thought about how several successful companies are built through the several years. It seems very clear that they have several common aspects, and they look rather simple, not complex. (Note: This is an initial idea of 4Ps of Successful Company).Continue reading “4Ps of Successful Company”

Lecture 7 – How To Build Products Users Love (Kevin Hale)

This is #7 Lecture from Stanford University. In this video, Kevin Hale introduces how he solved users’ problem and built products that customers loved.¬†Kevin Hale is the founder of Wufoo Form, which was acquire by Survey Monkey for 35 Million valuation.¬†Unlike many other startup CEOs, Kevin Hale compares the product development into simpler idea: HumanContinue reading “Lecture 7 – How To Build Products Users Love (Kevin Hale)”