Book Review #2: Cutting-Edge Marketing Analytics

Book Title: Cutting-Edge Marketing Analytics ISBN: 0-13-355252-7 Publisher: Pearson Education, Inc. Written by three University of Virginia Professors, Cutting-Edge Marketing Analytics is a how-to guide on practical and sensible marketing analytics. It emphasis on connecting marketing inputs to customer behavior, and utilizes different predictive models (based on historical information, experiments, or heuristics) to develop the … Continue reading Book Review #2: Cutting-Edge Marketing Analytics

Developing Marketing Strategy Formulation

Developing a marketing strategy requires understanding the overall concepts behind the marketing principles and effectively knowing when to apply them. Rather than giving you the shortcut version, I will guide you through the step-by-step manner and let you look at this diagram and understanding the processes. The basics of formulating marketing strategy formation can be … Continue reading Developing Marketing Strategy Formulation