Book Review #2: Cutting-Edge Marketing Analytics

Book Title: Cutting-Edge Marketing Analytics ISBN: 0-13-355252-7 Publisher: Pearson Education, Inc. Written by three University of Virginia Professors, Cutting-Edge Marketing Analytics is a how-to guide on practical and sensible marketing analytics. It emphasis on connecting marketing inputs to customer behavior, and utilizes different predictive models (based on historical information, experiments, or heuristics) to develop the… Read More Book Review #2: Cutting-Edge Marketing Analytics

Learning to Program

As an aspiring marketing manager, I find that most of the digital marketing manager job requirements are SEO/SEM, Digital Marketing Analytics, Content Management, E-mail Marketing, and Social Media. (Source for top 7 marketing manager skills) Yet, the majority of these skills are often subsidized really easily by non-major students, who studied English, Art, Philosophy or… Read More Learning to Program

SAS Logistics Regression

Following the SAS – Logistic Regression for Retail Relay Data. This is for the marketing analytics data – the eopenrate. Read in data; Available at “”; proc import datafile=”W:\chapter-14-relay-C-test.xlsx” out = retailrelay dbms=xlsx replace; sheet = “relay test.csv”; getnames = yes; run; quit; Run logistic regression – average order $ amount; proc logistic data=retailrelay descending;… Read More SAS Logistics Regression