Brazil Unilever – 1996 Marketing Case Study

Following article is the MBA business case study, which has been done at Purdue MBA. Situation Analysis Full situation analysis is available on Exhibit 1. Unilever is a leading company in the detergent powder category with 81% of market share 19.1% of market share in the laundry soap category with minerva Distribute their products withContinue reading “Brazil Unilever – 1996 Marketing Case Study”

Promotional Marketing Strategy – Step by Step

Promotion is one of the key elements of the marketing mix. It deals with anyone or two-way communication that takes place with the consumers. I will discuss promotional marketing in detail and how developing a promotional strategy for your business focuses on advertising and other ‘pull’ tactics. Developing a promotional strategy Deciding on a marketingContinue reading “Promotional Marketing Strategy – Step by Step”

31 Best Books For Entrepreneurs

After reviewing and reading several books, I came across several important books that were repeatedly mentioned by entrepreneurs and marketers. Following are the top 31 books that are recommended, according to their usages. BOOKS FOR FINDING AND TESTING BUSINESS IDEAS Building a business from scratch is often the hardest aspect and finding what is yourContinue reading “31 Best Books For Entrepreneurs”