4Ps of Successful Company

While attending a competitive strategy course at Purdue MBA, I started to write down my thought about how several successful companies are built through the several years. It seems very clear that they have several common aspects, and they look rather simple, not complex. (Note: This is an initial idea of 4Ps of Successful Company). … Continue reading 4Ps of Successful Company

Predictive Index Model

At Krannert MBA program on February 19, 2016, the KPDC - Krannert Professional Development Center introduced a top HR Consultancy firm - "The Predictive Synergistics team". The Predictive Synergistics team is headed by Dan Courser, a nationally recognized expert in data-driven human capital and talent management. Dan was an analytics guru before analytics were cool. … Continue reading Predictive Index Model

Hire the Self-Motivated Individuals

How to motivate and retain the top talent is key in developing successful team. But in order to build a long-lasting team, first you must know what type of people you have to find. This is when "self-motivated individuals" come into major play as they can determine the future course of a company. After all, … Continue reading Hire the Self-Motivated Individuals