15 Growth Marketing Ways for User Acquisiton

In a startup, growth is the fundamental needle that moves the future of a company. Not only growth of users brings in additional revenues, but also it can help identify new product improvements, provide real customer feedback, develop new unidentified profitable customer segment, and gain future funding from angel investors. Hence, within a startup, growthContinue reading “15 Growth Marketing Ways for User Acquisiton”

+100 Ecommerce & Growth Hacking Resources

  According to several successful e-commerce CEOs, the rise of the e-commerce has happened and since 2013, the brick-and-mortar stores are slowly disappearing (or perhaps decreasing). With this context in mind, growth hacking strategies for e-commerce have risen to the top of many marketing professionals and consumer brand marketers. To help many chief marketing professional, Continue reading “+100 Ecommerce & Growth Hacking Resources”

Lecture 6 – Growth (Alex Schultz)

Alex Schultz gives an overview of Growth for startups, speaking from a position of authority as the VP of Growth at Facebook. Not only he discusses and explains the growth rate, viral growth and different growth analysis, but also he provides the most important graph-  the retention graph, which shows the percentage of actual usersContinue reading “Lecture 6 – Growth (Alex Schultz)”