40 Growth Marketing Tactics For Your Site

Growth Marketing is an aggressive, analytical way for companies to grow their website traffic, but also to increase customer base through various simple tests, optimizations and improvements. While some growth hacking tactics and practices need time to  gain traction, there are a number of tools, tips and techniques you can rapidly test and start on your siteContinue reading “40 Growth Marketing Tactics For Your Site”

5 Facebook Marketing Tips You Can’t Afford to Overlook

Everyone at this point has read about implementing the official Facebook like button or box to turn website visitors into likes, writing engaging status updates, using Facebook advertising, and reviewing insights to get more out of Facebook for business. But there are even more things you could be doing that doesn’t get as much publicity.Continue reading “5 Facebook Marketing Tips You Can’t Afford to Overlook”

Do Know Your Marketing Analytics Tools?

Knowing analytics and measuring your marketing ROIs (Return on Investments) are most important in any marketing campaign. The best way to learn about mobile analytic is to know the mobile marketing analytics tools – including TestFlight, Google Analytics, Localytics, MixPanels and many other analytics tools. Some of the analytics tools I am aware are theContinue reading “Do Know Your Marketing Analytics Tools?”