Four Common Mistakes on Google Adwords Usage

Many small business have tried utilizing Google Adwords and said they are losing money. Some say that their business don’t have big budget to place Google ads and compete with the large retailers. But these small business owners need to understand how Google Adwords work and what key features can help them manage their GoogleContinue reading “Four Common Mistakes on Google Adwords Usage”

BEST Keyword Research Method

Following article is written by Hyun Kim. PDF content is originally from and it belongs to Aaron Wall. I’ve been reading upon the, which is one of the most searched websites in the India and the USA. Alexa has ranked this website as #3100 (for the USA), and #710 (for India). wasContinue reading “BEST Keyword Research Method”

10 Top Tips on Using Google Analytics

When utilizing Google Adwords, you have to also implement Google Analytics together. Knowing how to place keywords through Google Adwords is great, but if you do not measure and analyze the web traffic, then you are missing the point. You can bring in thousands of web visitors or click-throughs. But if you can’t understand theirContinue reading “10 Top Tips on Using Google Analytics”