How to Differentiate Google Search Network vs Display Network

Because Google advertising appear in both search network and display network, many untrained marketing professionals get confused by the term. You might have tried learning through Google Adwords help links but it is too wordy or confusing. So you end up reading through +10 pages and realize that is too much information. You just wantContinue reading “How to Differentiate Google Search Network vs Display Network”

10 Top Tips on Using Google Analytics

When utilizing Google Adwords, you have to also implement Google Analytics together. Knowing how to place keywords through Google Adwords is great, but if you do not measure and analyze the web traffic, then you are missing the point. You can bring in thousands of web visitors or click-throughs. But if you can’t understand theirContinue reading “10 Top Tips on Using Google Analytics”

40 Growth Marketing Tactics For Your Site

Growth Marketing is an aggressive, analytical way for companies to grow their website traffic, but also to increase customer base through various simple tests, optimizations and improvements. While some growth hacking tactics and practices need time to  gain traction, there are a number of tools, tips and techniques you can rapidly test and start on your siteContinue reading “40 Growth Marketing Tactics For Your Site”