Understanding CPM, CPA and CPC Bidding

There are mainly two types of Bidding with Google AdWords, but these can also be applied to general search engine marketing. Two focuses are the impressions and conversion. Impression is simply focusing on the number of views increasing – Increase the exposure of your ads to the most people. Generally, CPM (Cost-per-thousand-impression) is associated withContinue reading “Understanding CPM, CPA and CPC Bidding”

Search Engine Ranking

SEO is short for “search engine optimization.” To have your site optimized for the search engines means to attempt to have top placement in the results pages whenever a specific keyword is typed into the query box. There are many search engine optimization services to choose from, so here are some things to keep inContinue reading “Search Engine Ranking”

How Google Adwords Rank Your Ads

Google Adword has created its own advertising ranking system utilizing different aspects of your ad – including costs/budget, quality of ad copy, landing page, and relevance of your keywords. Below are the basic information you would want to know when you are using Google Adwords. What is Ad Quality? Higher quality score leads to lowerContinue reading “How Google Adwords Rank Your Ads”