4 Don’ts and 4 Do’s in #hashtag Campaigns

Hashtag became more than just taxonomy, but as the most often used sensational language within the last few years. It creates a type of label or metadata tag within social network and microblogs, allowing people to find messages with a specific theme or content (Definition from wikipedia). Hashtag is one of the most online effective toolsContinue reading “4 Don’ts and 4 Do’s in #hashtag Campaigns”

Four Common Mistakes on Google Adwords Usage

Many small business have tried utilizing Google Adwords and said they are losing money. Some say that their business don’t have big budget to place Google ads and compete with the large retailers. But these small business owners need to understand how Google Adwords work and what key features can help them manage their GoogleContinue reading “Four Common Mistakes on Google Adwords Usage”

How To Evaluate A Website for Placing Sponsored Ads

As a marketing professional, I’ve seen many top SEO or SEM companies say they can effectively target their audience. But they don’t really show their ROI statistics or where they’ve placed ads. I can not overstate how many marketing professionals say “I focus on delivering ROI” for their marketing budget in the promotional ads ofContinue reading “How To Evaluate A Website for Placing Sponsored Ads”