31 Best Books For Entrepreneurs

After reviewing and reading several books, I came across several important books that were repeatedly mentioned by entrepreneurs and marketers. Following are the top 31 books that are recommended, according to their usages. BOOKS FOR FINDING AND TESTING BUSINESS IDEAS Building a business from scratch is often the hardest aspect and finding what is yourContinue reading “31 Best Books For Entrepreneurs”

Dropping Babson MBA – World #1 For Entrepreneurship

Choosing MBA Program: My Decision on Babson Entrepreneurship Program It took me long and hard thinking to make the decision, as it is of personal, financial and social importance. The decision was to choose either take 1 year MBA accelerated Graduate program or not at Babson MBA – I had received “Offer of Admission” fromContinue reading “Dropping Babson MBA – World #1 For Entrepreneurship”