31 Best Books For Entrepreneurs

After reviewing and reading several books, I came across several important books that were repeatedly mentioned by entrepreneurs and marketers. Following are the top 31 books that are recommended, according to their usages. BOOKS FOR FINDING AND TESTING BUSINESS IDEAS Building a business from scratch is often the hardest aspect and finding what is yourContinue reading “31 Best Books For Entrepreneurs”

7 Tips to Become a More Efficient Startup Mentor

Aaron Schwartz and I have both been working as entrepreneurs since 2009. Five years in, we’ve collectively advised over 100 companies (we use the term “advise” loosely, of course). Our advisory meetings range from 20-minute phone calls with first-time entrepreneurs to several face-to-face meetings per month with a founder who’s also a friend. Recently, an adviseeContinue reading “7 Tips to Become a More Efficient Startup Mentor”