Book Review #1: Your Strategy Needs A Strategy

Book Title: Your Strategy Needs A Strategy ISBN: 978-1-62527-586-8 Publisher: Harvard Business Review Written by three top Boston Consulting Group executives, “Your Strategy Needs A Strategy” is comprehensive review of the overall strategy implemented by modern business, including Facebook, Mars Inc, and Quintiles  The book is very well-organized from its structure, content and writing style. Additionally,Continue reading “Book Review #1: Your Strategy Needs A Strategy”

12 Different Type of Marketing Models

7 Ps – Marketing Mix Product, Price, Place, Promotion, People, Process and Physical evidence – these elements of the marketing mix form core tactical components of a marketing plan. USP Unique Selling Proposition is the concept that brands should make it clear to potential buyers why they are different and better than the competition. BostonContinue reading “12 Different Type of Marketing Models”