15 Growth Marketing Ways for User Acquisiton

In a startup, growth is the fundamental needle that moves the future of a company. Not only growth of users brings in additional revenues, but also it can help identify new product improvements, provide real customer feedback, develop new unidentified profitable customer segment, and gain future funding from angel investors. Hence, within a startup, growthContinue reading “15 Growth Marketing Ways for User Acquisiton”

7 Most Important Metrics in Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing focuses on building natural traffic by not-interrupting the target audience. Unlike the traditional advertising, which shows ads that are relevant to the users’ behaviors, inbound marketing measures, identifies and delivers the most relevant information. As a result, inbound marketing has grown in the last four years as one of the most effective #marketing techniques.Continue reading “7 Most Important Metrics in Inbound Marketing”

Blog Hosting & Creating Blog

Despite most people say about blogging – usually people say it is easy to build – it is entirely different from what you think. Unlike the facebook page or twitter page, it isn’t just about managing the content write-ups, but also management of hosting and e-mail relays, along with email messaging. Everything has to workContinue reading “Blog Hosting & Creating Blog”