Workflow Hints At The Future Of The Watch As A Computing Platform

Both the Apple Watch and Android Wear provide plenty of value for certain wearers thanks to decent implementations of actionable notifications. But after a few weeks with the Apple Watch, it’s apparent that most apps haven’t quite figured out how to be useful on your wrist. For developers who didn’t have a Watch available before itsContinue reading “Workflow Hints At The Future Of The Watch As A Computing Platform”

2015 Digital Media Trends

Following are the latest 2015 digital media trends and the latest information you should be listening to. Some of these trends are becoming reality. Wearables This probably featured on almost every list of predictions for 2014 yet we haven’t seen the mass uptake that was expected at the end of 2013. GfK reported 420,000 wearables wereContinue reading “2015 Digital Media Trends”