Four Common Mistakes on Google Adwords Usage

Google Adwords Management

Many small business have tried utilizing Google Adwords and said they are losing money. Some say that their business don't have big budget to place Google ads and compete with the large retailers. But these small business owners need to understand how Google Adwords work and what key features can help them manage their Google … Continue reading Four Common Mistakes on Google Adwords Usage

Digital Media – Glossary of Terms (Term from A)

Introduction Compiling a list of digital media term is not an easy. But, for understanding and improving marketing skills, knowing digital media jargon will help immensely. For instance, when you speak with a major account executive from a digital advertising agency or digital sales professional, they may say specific jargon terms and you might not … Continue reading Digital Media – Glossary of Terms (Term from A)

What is CPM?

The advertising term CPM, stands for “cost per thousand impressions,” which is a measurement of how much money it costs you to reach 1,000 readers, viewers, visitors or listeners. The formula for calculating CPM is simple, using the information from an advertising vehicle’s media kit. Using the CPM of potential advertising choices is a helpful … Continue reading What is CPM?