Clients I’ve Worked With:

IT Cybersecurity Firm with Fortune 500 Clients


SelfScore Inc
$14M VC Funded FinTech Startup
TVS Motors Inc
3rd Largest Motorcycle Manufacturer in India with $1.5B Revenue
Life-Style Product Startup

Digital Marketing Strategy Development 

Client: Digital App Publishing Startup (VC Funded)
Project: Growth Marketing Strategy Development
Solution: 1 YR Strategic Marketing Planning using SNS, Email & Content-Driven Marketing

“The strategic step-by-step method of increasing users, along with relevant customer growth was what made me choose Practicum. It is also very research driven from a marketing stand-point” – Co-Founder at Turkish Online Publishing App Startup


Clinical Trial Recruitment Strategy
Client: Confidential – Advertising Agency with Clinical Trial Recruitment
Project: Marketing Research & Patient Identification
Solution: SNS & Patient-Centric Analytic, along with Developing Strategy Plan

“Highly relevant, and effective in implementing the strategy. ” – VP of Clinical Trial Company (Confidential)


Go-To-Marketing Strategy
Client: Pricewaterhousecoopers – 3D Printing Go-To-Marketing Strategy
Project: Operation, Marketing & Finance Analysis
Solution: Innovative 3D Printing Pricing & DaaS

“Innovative & Creative in Delivering Best in Go-to-Marketing Strategy” – PwC Senior Consultant