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Born in 2016, Practicum is an analytic marketing consulting with excellence and long-term growth oriented service. At Praticum, we developed customer-centric consulting. Instead of providing what the industry wants, we focus on listening and understanding our customers’ pain points. By providing services that creates impact in the long-term bottom line, Practicum aims on creating financial value, increasing customer base and growth in traffic.


Practicum is founded by Daniel H. Kim

Daniel Hyun Kim is a Strategic PMO & Analytic Marketing Master who uses analytic and digital tools to help maximize revenue, achieve strategic business objectives, and create memorable customer experience. He previously worked within various industries, including pharmaceutical, CPG, transportation, service, and energy industry. Prior to starting Practicum LLC, he was a marketing manager at a leading pharmaceutical consultancy, managing and improving +2MM budget-based marketing campaigns’ ROI by tracking, analyzing and optimizing digital tools (Google Adwords, analytics, media negotiation, and ad content management).

He holds Master of Business Administration (MBA) with concentration in strategy and marketing from Purdue University, and B.B.A from Temple University.

Skills & Professional Certifications in:
Google Adwords, Google Analytics, SQL, Database Management, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Project Management, Negotiation, Team Management, Account Management

Industry Related Certifications:
Google AdwordsGoogle Analytics Certification





Our team of talented designers can create a beautiful logo and brand to encapsulate your business purpose and goals.

Web Design

Need a website? We’ve got you covered. Our design team will work to transform your brand into a stunning site design.

Web Development

We have a team of developers to bring your vision to life. Whether you need a small brochure site or a custom WordPress site, our brilliant developers have got you covered.

Content Strategy

Need help putting together content for your website? We can help. Our team of content strategists will get your site on track. We have a network of editors with professional experience from top IT industry and social news.

Marketing & SEO

Any good site needs to be found. We can put together marketing campaigns to get you lots of new customers, and attract leads through search engine optimization. We are Google Adwords & Analytic Certified.



Digital Marketing Strategy Development 
Client: Digital App Publishing Startup (VC Funded)
Project: Growth Marketing Strategy Development
Solution: 1 YR Strategic Marketing Planning using SNS, Email & Content-Driven Marketing

“The strategic step-by-step method of increasing users, along with relevant customer growth was what made me choose Practicum. It is also very research driven from a marketing stand-point” – Co-Founder at Turkish Online Publishing App Startup


Clinical Trial Recruitment Strategy
Client: Confidential – Advertising Agency with Clinical Trial Recruitment
Project: Marketing Research & Patient Identification
Solution: SNS & Patient-Centric Analytic, along with Developing Strategy Plan

“Highly relevant, and effective in implementing the strategy. ” – VP of Clinical Trial Company (Confidential)


Go-To-Marketing Strategy
Client: Pricewaterhousecoopers – 3D Printing Go-To-Marketing Strategy
Project: Operation, Marketing & Finance Analysis
Solution: Innovative 3D Printing Pricing & DaaS

“Innovative & Creative in Delivering Best in Go-to-Marketing Strategy” – PwC Senior Consultant




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