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Book Review #1: Your Strategy Needs A Strategy

Book Title: Your Strategy Needs A Strategy ISBN: 978-1-62527-586-8 Publisher: Harvard Business Review Written by three top Boston Consulting Group executives, "Your Strategy Needs A Strategy" is comprehensive review of the overall strategy implemented by modern business, including Facebook, Mars Inc, and Quintiles  The book is very well-organized from its structure, content and writing style. Additionally,… Continue reading Book Review #1: Your Strategy Needs A Strategy

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Snapchat IPO: Why Not to Invest in $SNAP and Overhauling Snapchat

On March 2, 2017, snap (SNAP), the parent company of Snapchat, went IPO and its stock opened shortly before 11:20 am on Thursday in New York. It initially started to trade at $24/share, rising 41.2% from its initial opening price of $17/share on Wednesday.[1] As of Friday March 3, 2017, $SNAP stock rose 20%, rising above… Continue reading Snapchat IPO: Why Not to Invest in $SNAP and Overhauling Snapchat

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Building a Basic Twitter Marketing Scheduling System (Excel Form)

While working at MediciGlobal as a marketing analyst, I had the opportunity to build one of the world’s largest Facebook communities “Team Epilepsy” with +260,000 followers from its inception. At first, we had no plan of action and had to move with different topics. It was changing almost messy.  Out of the frustration, I started… Continue reading Building a Basic Twitter Marketing Scheduling System (Excel Form)

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“Diversity is the Engine of Innovation”

According to CNBC and CNN, today on March 1st, President Donald Trump has been suggested to sign a new executive order on immigration policy. President spokesman Sean Spicer said that President aims "to make sure that when we execute this, it's done in a manner that's flawless." I hope that President Trump knows that diversity… Continue reading “Diversity is the Engine of Innovation”

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Three Sources for Marketing Automation

What is Marketing Automation? During the last several years, the field of marketing has rapidly changed from traditional marketing to digital focused marketing - becoming more analytical, operational, and result-driven. According to McKinsey & Company, the data driven marketing grew exponentially, providing many companies the advanced analytics to increase growth and marketing return on investment… Continue reading Three Sources for Marketing Automation