UPDATE: Change in The Layout and Content

After weeks of consideration, StartupsGrid has decided to simplify its blog to the minimalist perspective. With fluctuating web visitors and irregular visits, we wanted to focus on the core contents. So we will remove the fancy designs. To help you get more information and straight to the knowledge, the blog is now more user-friendly. 1.Continue reading “UPDATE: Change in The Layout and Content”

Workflow Hints At The Future Of The Watch As A Computing Platform

Both the Apple Watch and Android Wear provide plenty of value for certain wearers thanks to decent implementations of actionable notifications. But after a few weeks with the Apple Watch, it’s apparent that most apps haven’t quite figured out how to be useful on your wrist. For developers who didn’t have a Watch available before itsContinue reading “Workflow Hints At The Future Of The Watch As A Computing Platform”

Shopify IPO to Value Company at $1 Billion

Canadian-based ecommerce platform provider Shopify filed for an IPO in the United States and Canada last month hoping to raise $100 million. The valuation is expected to come in at $1 billion. The company will be listed on both the New York Stock Exchange and the Toronto Stock Exchange. Established in 2004, Shopify introduced itsContinue reading “Shopify IPO to Value Company at $1 Billion”