Startup Investing – Stages, Financials, and Investors

Pre-Seed – since most seed rounds typically come 2.4 years after a company is founded, these initial pre-seed funds are used to help fund the business just enough to build a product, distribute it, and gain enough traction to convince seed investors to invest. This could be capital from friends and family, Angel Investors, founders, or early-stageContinue reading “Startup Investing – Stages, Financials, and Investors”

Top Resources for Startup Investing

Following are some resources: TV Shows Meet the Drapers – The Drapers are a family of three generations of Venture Capitalists and angels. Hone your investment skills as you watch as they interview founders who have raised capital on the Republic funding portal and invest alongside them if you choose to. Shark Tank – Featured by ABC’sContinue reading “Top Resources for Startup Investing”

15 Growth Marketing Ways for User Acquisiton

In a startup, growth is the fundamental needle that moves the future of a company. Not only growth of users brings in additional revenues, but also it can help identify new product improvements, provide real customer feedback, develop new unidentified profitable customer segment, and gain future funding from angel investors. Hence, within a startup, growthContinue reading “15 Growth Marketing Ways for User Acquisiton”