Building a Basic Twitter Marketing Scheduling System (Excel Form)

While working at MediciGlobal as a marketing analyst, I had the opportunity to build one of the world’s largest Facebook communities “Team Epilepsy” with +260,000 followers from its inception. At first, we had no plan of action and had to move with different topics. It was changing almost messy.  Out of the frustration, I startedContinue reading “Building a Basic Twitter Marketing Scheduling System (Excel Form)”

Highlighting the Best of Twitter for You

<Following is a repost from Twitter Official News: Highlighting the Best of Twitter for You by Gordon Luk @getluky > April 23, 2015 News from Twitter Today we’re introducing Highlights: a simple summary of the best Tweets for you, delivered via rich push notification. We want to help you get the most out of Twitter,Continue reading “Highlighting the Best of Twitter for You”

Ultimate Resources for Twitter Marketing

I’ve worked on numerous twitter accounts, creating them from 0 to 20,000 followers. And while trying to find the best way to move forward with my own marketing efforts on personal Twitter account, I realized that I have already gathered a list of powerful twitter resources. Do you want to know how to use Twitter forContinue reading “Ultimate Resources for Twitter Marketing”