Microservice Architecture

In the continuation of the Microservice 101, this page will discuss about the various aspects of Microservices

Microservices – API Gateway & Proxy

If you have missed out on the previous two links about Microservices, you can check out this link before reading this article: Microservice – Introduction What is API Gateway?   An API gateway is between clients and services, acting as a reverse proxy, routing requests from clients to services. It also performs various cross-functional tasks, including anContinue reading “Microservices – API Gateway & Proxy”

Microservice – Introduction

Since 2017, many corporations have started to roll out “microservices”, which enables many programmers and developers to work on multiple projects within a dock system (AKA closed environment). This enabled the software development and various new smaller projects to be added, which helps address various increasing customers need and improving customer experience. Top companies, Netflix,Continue reading “Microservice – Introduction”