2015 Digital Media Trends

Following are the latest 2015 digital media trends and the latest information you should be listening to. Some of these trends are becoming reality. Wearables This probably featured on almost every list of predictions for 2014 yet we haven't seen the mass uptake that was expected at the end of 2013. GfK reported¬†420,000 wearables were … Continue reading 2015 Digital Media Trends

Advertising Network System Unraveled

Within the online advertising networks, there exist three major types: Vertical Networks: Expensive, Brand-Focused, Controlled Ad Placement Billed Networks: Run-off-Network Ads; No Ad Placement Control; Low-Cost + targeted advertising technology Targeted Networks: Targeted using behavioral or contextual advertising, through understanding consumer clickstream data. (Mostly data-driven marketing, similar to the AdRoll or Re-marketing). Vertical Networks They … Continue reading Advertising Network System Unraveled

Media Mathematics Formulas

Following below media mathematics are simple formulas. You should be able to know these on top of your head. CPM (Cost-Per-Thousand) How much you earn = CPM x (Total Impressions / 1000) CPM = Flat rate per month / (Total Impressions / 1000) CTR (Click-Through-Rate) CTR = (Number of clicks / Number of impressions) x … Continue reading Media Mathematics Formulas