Cybersecurity Professional Terms

With increasing cybersecurity concerns, I've decided to read and share the key terminology. Following terms are the basic terms cybersecurity professionals use on a regular basis.¬†You can learn more about cybersecurity terms by clicking on each associated link. Feel free to share and learn about these terms. Acceptable use policy/rules of behavior Agreed-upon principles set … Continue reading Cybersecurity Professional Terms

+50 CryptoCurrency and ICO Resource Websites

With the increasing use of CryptoCurrency (BitCoin & Ethereum), as an cryptocurrency investor, you need to know about how blockchain works, the value, and the ways to protect your cryptocurrency.¬†Following are some of the great resources you can find online for free.   General Resources To learn Bitcoin or Ethereum, you can read the whitepaper … Continue reading +50 CryptoCurrency and ICO Resource Websites