OSI MODEL (Open Systems Interconnect Model) 

The OSI Model is a theoretical, seven-layered model of how networks work. The Open Systems Interconnect Model (the OSI Model) is a theoretical model of networking that organizes network functions into seven layers (physical layer, data link layer, network layer, transport layer, session layer, presentation layer and application layer) and specifies the communication interfaces betweenContinue reading “OSI MODEL (Open Systems Interconnect Model) “


The TCP/IP Model separates networking functions into discrete layers. Each layer performs a specific function and is transparent to the layer above it and the layer below it. Network models are used to conceptualize how networks should work, so that hardware and network protocols can interoperate. There are two main models: TCP/IP Model and OSIContinue reading “TCP/IP MODEL”

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

What is Google Cloud Platform (GCP)? Google Cloud Platform (GCP) has one of the largest and fastest networks in the world. GCP resources are treated as services instead of hardware. For example, Persistent Disk is not a physical device, but is a service used over a network.   Projects, Networks, and Subnetworks All infrastructure resources in GCP are organized underContinue reading “Google Cloud Platform (GCP)”