Predictive Index Model

At Krannert MBA program on February 19, 2016, the KPDC – Krannert Professional Development Center introduced a top HR Consultancy firm – “The Predictive Synergistics team”. The Predictive Synergistics team is headed by Dan Courser, a nationally recognized expert in data-driven human capital and talent management. Dan was an analytics guru before analytics were cool.… Read More Predictive Index Model

Looking for Job? Check the 2015 recruiting survey.

Recruiting is fundamental to the health and success of all businesses today. Finding, nurturing, and hiring the right talent is now a dynamic, diversified process, requiring recruiters to tap into social networks, analytics, mobile, and beyond. Jobvite released their 2015 Recruiter Nation Study on September 2015 and below are some key takeaway points the job seekers should… Read More Looking for Job? Check the 2015 recruiting survey.