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Brazil Unilever – 1996 Marketing Case Study

Situation Analysis Full situation analysis is available on Exhibit 1. Unilever is a leading company in the detergent powder category with 81% of market share 19.1% of market share in the laundry soap category with minerva Distribute their products with two channels, generalist wholesaler and specialized distributor Customers in NE in Brazil have features of… Continue reading Brazil Unilever – 1996 Marketing Case Study

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SAS Logistics Regression

Following the SAS - Logistic Regression for Retail Relay Data. This is for the marketing analytics data - the eopenrate. Read in data; Available at ""; proc import datafile="W:\chapter-14-relay-C-test.xlsx" out = retailrelay dbms=xlsx replace; sheet = "relay test.csv"; getnames = yes; run; quit; Run logistic regression - average order $ amount; proc logistic data=retailrelay descending;… Continue reading SAS Logistics Regression

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CASE STUDY- Lundbeck Alzheimer’s Disease Clinical Trial Advertising

On May 2015, as a marketing manager at MediciGlobal, I had the opportunity to create high-impact advertising result for an Alzheimer's Disease clinical trial project - Phase IIISTARSHINE and STARBEAM. Currently, Lundbeck pharmaceutical is utilizing the same targeted advertising started and initiated on early May 2015. CASE STUDY: Alzheimer’s Clinical Trial – Phase III Study… Continue reading CASE STUDY- Lundbeck Alzheimer’s Disease Clinical Trial Advertising

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Sony: Its Growth & Strategic Thinking

This is a story about "Sony" - one of the world's most admired companies and a top Japanese multi-national conglomerate. If you read through the history of Sony and study its growth pattern, from the start, Sony was built on strong strategic mindset.