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For months and years, I’ve procrastinated in many things, including constant reading and learning. So I wanted to began writing this long journey of “One Book Per Week”. It is a challenge since we have so many things to do in our lives, including housework, family, friends, social meetings, and work, along with perhaps (if married) kids.

The challenge of commitment to reading a book is “keeping it steady”, and “focused” on the goal. I really like books, both fiction, non-fiction, business books, strategy, history, art, culture, food and others. But you can get so bugged up in having too many chores in work and life. So we end up forgetting to read.

  • This page is dedicated on building a directory of book reviews
  • Provide insightful reviews – short review, guidelines, chapter reviews, and takeaways, along with main points.
  • This is not Tai Lopez’s 1 minute audio review – without any specific insights or smart advice. It is not for Affiliate Marketing or Profit Use.
  • This is intended to educate, expand, and develop you as a leader/manager.
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Daniel H. Kim


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