Practicum is built by a group of professionals in finance, project management, cybersecurity, and technologist. They have a diverse background with Fortune 100 clients from AT&T, Verizon, Toyota, USAA, and other major international clients. Practicum is built on to share ideas, comments, knowledge and build by a community of business professionals.

Our content focuses on the following three ideas:

  • Technology –  Microservice, Cybersecurity, and many more..
  • Financial Knowledge – Including day trading, stocks, finance, chart patterns, books, and know-hows
  • Inspirational Quotes – Quotes and Images you can copy and utilize for your website(s).

Our goals is to build network of practical knowledge that people can utilize in chuck of small bits and pieces.

We also would like to let you know that this website is maintained through ads, and we run this website by raising both funds from donation, ads revenue, and other sources. From time to time, we will try to involve the audience and engage in new idea creations for this website.

Thank you for visiting our website and hope you like our content. If you enjoyed our content, be sure to support with likes and shares.


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