Hi! My name is Daniel Kim, and welcome to my blog!

I started writing this blog for personal uses – including where I travel, where I worked, what I do, and what my opinions are on different trending topics. It’s also the best way to show the world about different opinions, and perhaps relate with others who have similar or different perspectives.

I hope you stay tuned as I write primary topics, including:
1)  Marketing Topics
2) Smart Investing
3) Books/Quotes/Movies

Below is my professional work experience in various details:

Daniel H Kim graduated from Temple University with B.B.A Marketing Honors on 2010. He previously attended Johns Hopkins University for fundamental of entrepreneurship and marketing, but also worked in the Alzheimer’s medical research lab as a research assistant. Currently, He is pursuing Purdue MBA (Expected Graduation on May 2017).

Favorite Quote:
Everyday is learning experience. Whether you fail or succeed is not of greater importance, but knowing that you can do better the next time on your own is more important.


TVS Motors Inc – India’s 3rd Largest Motorcycle Corporation with $1.6B annual revenue.
SelfScore Inc – Funded by Mark Zuckerberg’s investing firm with more than $14M
BioClinica Inc – Leader in Clinical Trial Service in Pharmaceutical Industry with +2800 employees, and +3 international offices
GMR Marketing – subsidiary of OmniCom, the US 2nd Largest Advertising Firm

TVS Motors Inc

SelfScore Inc


Before Professional Work Experience (During Undergraduate Junior/Senior Year): 

Prior to finishing bachelor at Temple University, I started working as a brand ambassador and product specialist for GMR Marketing during the weekends/nights, school breaks and holidays. As a result, I worked on various CPG brands, including Nestle CoffeeMate, Verizon FiOs, Comcast XFinity, Fiat, Ford, and Chrysler Family Van, creating +1000 sales leads through 1-on-1 interaction with several customers at outdoor events (Theaters, Sports Event/Arena, Concerts and Mall).

Wearing the Chrysler official company shirt, I worked as a Chrysler Family Van Product Specialist at Philadelphia International Auto Show on Feb 2010.

In 2010, I briefly worked as a resourcing consultant at Sharpstream Life Science, a head-hunting HR firm, and helped save a failing project by identified top talents for the Asia Pacific pricing director for Biogene Idec and several marketing director level candidates at Dentsply. Later, Sharpstream Life Science was acquired by a top public-NASDQ listed company, OnAssignment on July 2010.

Brief Interim Between HR & Marketing Career

I started my career in HR recruiter on June 2010 after graduating from Temple University, but switched my career into the marketing. During interim between my HR and Marketing career switch, I worked briefly at MyPhoneLeash, a smartphone accessory online company and self-learned e-Commerce & growth marketing through managing very limited advertising budget ($500 ~ $1000). At that time, due to the limited budget, I developed both guerrilla marketing and PR outreach writing skill to strategically reach out to several top online website for new tech gadgets. As a result, I was able to place the company’s product at Wired.com and Gizmodo.com on web editorial, reaching more than 19,500 views and 59 comments. The result brought in increased website traffic and sales of more than +$6000 products within first 2 weeks of product launch (each product was sold at $25 separately). Additionally, myphoneleash product was used on AT&T new Motorola phone promotion event at 2010 US Tennis Open by a top NY event marketing firm.

Early Marketing Career:
After starting working at MediciGlobal as a marketing analyst on Jan 2011, I presented at various pharmaceutical client project meetings to support senior management in addressing marketing research results, and questions regarding marketing questions on acquisition of new patients for each study. At MediciGlobal, I’ve done more than +30 different competitive research reports, along with identifying and building more rapport in cost-effective marketing campaigns. As a marketing analyst, I managed Google Adwords/Analytics, utilized several tools, including UK Keywordspy.com, similarweb.com, socialmention.com, and moz keyword tool, to competitive daily switch keywords (negative/positive), and improved the daily budget to stay ahead of the competition.  Additionally, I’ve worked inter-departmentally with the designers and programmers to improve the UX of various landing pages. As a result, I became interested in HTML/CSS, which forced me to further learn those basic skills at www.teamtreehouse.com/danielhkim on regular basis. During this period, the company started investing in several Facebook page development, which I became highly involved in making Team Epilepsy more trusted by the patients community through utilizing my past experience as a brand ambassador and sales professional.

Instead of focusing only digital ad, looking at the marketing data as a marketing analyst, I advised on diversifying toward offline marketing, forming a team of nurse and brand ambassadors to directly speak with patients, making them join into our page and directly emailing them with clinical trial questionnaires. After sending more than +5000 emails, the marketing team was able to acquire qualified leads and create contents for these patients. This helped avoid HIPPA health privacy regulation, along with increasing brand awareness and community trust factor among the patient family and members. As a result, the company was able to accelerate the page growth within 1 year using both digital ads and event marketing to network with friends and family of our followers. The Facebook page became +200,000 page followers within 1 year of launch.

On March 2012, as part of the Team Epilepsy Team, I walked and supported the National Walk for Epilepsy at Washington D.C, in front of the Capital Hill and US congress building.

After successfully launching the Team Epilepsy, MediciGlobal quickly build a large number of followers, from +200K to 1.5M within 3 years, creating several top pages, including Lupus Team with +250,000 followers, Alzheimer’s Team with +280,000 followers, using the similar pattern of Team Epilepsy. I was also promoted to marketing manager within 1.5 year from a marketing analyst position.

Due to the success on building large Facebook followers, on July 2015, MediciGlobal was acquired by BioClinica, a leading specialty clinical trials services and technology provider with more than +3000 clinical trials experience, +2800 employees, +4 offices in Asia, Europe and North America.

I left MediciGlobal on July 2015 to pursue MBA at Purdue University and started attending on August 2015 to current.

Recently, I’ve acquired several certifications by passing test on and continuously improving on regular basis:
1. Database Management 
2. Data Analytics Basic
3. Content Marketing Strategy 
4. Real Life in Data Analysis

Apart from work, I’ve worked on developing Hepatitis Support Group through few years, providing accurate information and working with HBV patients on SNS.

Developed Skills: 

  1. HTML, CSS, PHP  – Basic Web Designing
    (Click here for downloading sample web design zip file.)
  2. Database Management – Coursera Certification
  3. Google Adwords & Google Analytics
  4. SEO/SEM, FB & Content Management
  5. Go-To-Marketing Strategy Development
  6. Brochure Development
  7. Data-Driven Marketing Calculation:
    Customer Lifetime Value, RIO, Acquisition Cost
  8. MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SAS EM

For Consulting & Inquiry: 
If you have any question or consulting request, please contact me at hyunkim85@gmail.com

I would like to know your company’s profile, situation, products/services before providing the consulting work. Knowing what your company’s situation (previous marketing/sales strategy implemented & its result, budget/channels utilized, and other relevant information regarding target audience/industry) is critical in bringing long-term success, not just the immediate results. I am also willing to sign NDA.

Few Accomplishments:

*Featured SelfScore in South Korea’s largest newspaper network Yonhap News
(http://bit.ly/2aYU2Lz), along with IT Tech, and MSN news – May 2016

*Managed over +$2M marketing budget over 5 different marketing projects;
Helped developed successful influencer marketing strategy, recruiting qualified referrals for a large pharmaceutical clinical trial project (Alzheimer’s Disease Phase III project).

*Developed personality-to-product categorization & consulted within 2 Wheelers products at TVS Motors (2015 Revenue of $1.6B)

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