10 Ways to Impress Your Girlfriend

1. Surprise Her
We don’t expect you to go all out on your surprises. Even just the little things you do for her can make her happy. Like if you show up at her doorstep with pizza just wanting hang out, or leaving flowers in her locker when she gets to school in the morning. You might not know this but, the little things you do for her can make her day, and make her really happy too.

2. Do the Unexpected
You don’t have to be like Augustus Waters and take her to Amsterdam to meet her favorite author. We just want you to sweep us off our feet a little bit, like when Heath Ledger sang to Julia Stiles in front of the whole field in 10 Things I Hate About You (#relationshipgoals). Well, not exactly like that but, you get the picture. Maybe you could plan unexpected dates or kiss her in front of a crowd out of the blue; or you could ask her if she wants to go shopping, even if you hate it. The most unexpected things that happen at the most unexpected times are usually the best ones.

3. Keep Her in Your Thoughts 24/7
Yes, we girls want to be on your mind every single minute of every day, or at least most of the time. We want you to at least text us from time to time (or all the time) telling us “I miss you”, “I really want to see you”, or “I saw something today and it reminded me of you”. I have to admit, girls are suckers for those kinds of texts. You may not see us when you text us but behind the screen, we’re probably losing our shit. We just want to be reminded of how much you love us and always think about us. It’s nice knowing that we’re invading someone’s thoughts most of the time, especially if it’s the person we love.

4. Buy Her Stuff She’d Like
But not just any stuff, like a teddy bear or a box of chocolates (but you can buy those too because girls love ’em). Buy her something unique or something thoughtful. Like maybe a sweater she was looking at the other day but didn’t buy because she was saving up or her favorite drink at Starbucks with a side of French toast and waffles. If it’s Valentine’s Day, maybe you could go visit Victoria’s Secret and buy her a few undies while they’re on sale and she can use them for later, if you know what I mean. She might even give you a little floor show wink wink. It’s a win for everybody.
5. Visit Her More Often
One of the things girls don’t want to feel is that you don’t have time for them; that they’re not even worth your time. So stop whatever you’re doing, and go visit your girl right now. Girls want to feel like they’re on the top of your list when it comes to priorities. They want to feel important. They also want to see you more often. Making visits from time to time just shows that you want to spend more time with her and you’d make an effort just to see her.

6. Make Plans
It would be nice for a change if girls didn’t always have to make the plans. Instead of saying “Wherever you want to go” or “Whatever you want to eat”, you could simply say “I made plans for us”. That would make her really really happy. It means that you took the time to think about what she’d want to do and spent time looking for places and making reservations. Even if it’s just in that little fast food restaurant downtown or buying tickets to see a movie, the most important thing is that it’s the thought that counts.

7. Show Her Off
Who doesn’t like being shown off? Be happy and proud to have a girl like her. Scream it to the whole world. But also tell them to back off ‘cause she’s yours and only yours. Girls love it when you show them off and get territorial. Just beware of the few admirers that might plan to take her away from you. So make that move that shows everyone that “hey, back off. She’s mine.”

8. Be Romantic
The big teddy bear and a box of chocolates are just the basics of being romantic. You don’t have to go all out and give her a huge box of roses from Maison des Fleurs (ehem ehem) or book a trip to Paris. Even just the little gestures you do for her like open doors for her or give her those long passionate kisses will make her feel really special. If you want to take it up a notch, then maybe you can set up a candle-lit dinner on the beach or cover your bedroom with rose petals. The ultimate romantic thing a guy could do that would make any woman fall in love with him is kissing in the rain (I know it sounds cheesy but who cares). Girls are such suckers for those! Especially watching it in movies, seeing them get wet but not caring because they’re so lost in each other. That’s how you make her fall in love with you wink wink
9. Cuddle with Her
I think the title speaks for itself. Whether you’re on the couch or on the bed or in the car or wherever you are, always cuddle with her. It gives her a sense of security and it makes her feel safe and warm. It’s also a stress reliever. You can whisper things to each other and tell each other things only the two of you would know about or you can simply just fall asleep in each other’s arms. Cuddling is not just for happy times but also for sad ones. It comforts her and let’s her know that you’ll always be there with her through everything.

10. Go on Late Night Adventures
Spontaneous trips are the best. Especially when you climb up her window in the middle of the night and you both sneak out of the house to do something crazy. There are many things you can do late at night, like drive around the neighborhood just talk about random stuff, or you can go to your favorite spot near the lake and pour your hearts out to each other at 2am. You could also just lie on a field and gaze at the stars in the sky, thinking about how lucky you are and how you wouldn’t trade anything for that moment with her.

11. Be Playful
You might not think she likes the times you tease her about the way she looks, but deep down inside, she enjoys the little jokes you make. She also loves the playful banter you two have. Those little play fights and times you chase each other around the house or down the street are going to be one her favorite memories because it’s one of the many times you made her laugh and smile and made her happy. What kind of guy would you be if you didn’t have a sense of humor?

12. Open Up To Her
It means that you trust her with anything and everything like she trusts you. Don’t be closed off. If you think that you’re going to burden her with your problems, you’re wrong. Girls like listening to what you have to say, good or bad. Girls can also be a shoulder to cry on or a rock for support. They want you to be open with them about anything. Don’t be embarrassed or shy to tell them things even if it may hurt them. It just shows that you care about her enough to tell her straight forward. Girls want to know about your hobbies and dislikes, and most importantly, they want to know how you feel; especially how you feel about them. Don’t be afraid to pour your heart out to her at 3 in the morning or cry about something that really hurt you. She’ll always be there to welcome you and listen to you if you’d let her.

13. Be Her Best Friend
The most important thing every girl needs is a best friend. Every relationship starts from being friends. Whether you were childhood friends or became best friends in high school it doesn’t matter. As long as she has someone who will always be there for her, someone who will be with her through good times and bad, someone who can never stay mad at her, someone she can trust, someone who is honest with her, someone who supports her in what she does and never judges her, someone who respects her, someone who will help her and never give up on her, someone who will cheer her up and bring excitement to her life, someone who will listen to her and be a shoulder to cry on, someone who will care for her and love her. The list is endless, but most importantly, someone who accepts her, someone who accepts her flaws and accepts her for who she is.

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