Serverless – Cloud Computing

What Makes Your Application Serverless?

The below-given properties make your application Serverless:

  • Zero Administration: Deploy application without any provision and management.
  • Auto Scale: Let service provider worry about scaling the application up or down.
  • Pay-per-use: Pay only for the resources, what you have used.
  • Increased Velocity: Shorten the time between idea implementation and deployment.

Serverless vs Traditional Architecture

Serverless vs Traditional Architecture



Serverless is also known as Function as Service, because each part of your application is divided as functions and can be hosted over multiple service providers. #serverless

Whereas, in the case of traditional applications, an application is treated as a whole.



Serverless Computing

Benefits of Serverless Computing: 

  1. No servers or operating systems to maintain.
    You don’t have to manage any servers or even have to install any operating systems or supporting software.
  2.  Easy and efficient scaling.
    Serverless applications can be scaled automatically or at the most with a few clicks to choose your desired capacity. There is no need to create any specialized scalable architecture or designs.
  3. High availability.
    Serverless applications have built-in availability and fault tolerance. So you don’t need to have any specialized infrastructure to make your applications highly available or fault tolerant. All this is available to you by default.
  4. No idle capacity.
    You pay only for what you use and no more.


Serverless Platform

  • Serverless is a concept, not a product.
  • Many cloud providers have invested many resources into it to provide a cloud serverless platform. (ex: Azure, AWS)
  • Serverless cost model is that you are charged based on the number of executions.
  • Providers allow your functions to respond to events such as image upload to S3 bucket (AWS)


Serverless Providers

Serverless Framework

  • Even though, cloud providers provide the platform to execute your functions, it is difficult to deploy and manage those functions manually.
  • In future, if you plan to change your provider, you will be required to do a lot of configuration to achieve that.

Serverless Framework is an open source CLI tool that helps to deploy and manage serverless functions.


Serverless Framework Features

  • Infrastructure as Code: Serverless framework allows you to define entire application configuration in a yaml file to utilize the power of cloud providers such as AWS lambda.
  • Simple Serverless Development: Serverless framework provides a simple CLI to deploy and manage your serverless functions.
  • Provider Agnostic: Serverless Framework is one tool solution to all cloud providers.

We use Serverless CLI to manage Serverless functions.

Click here to follow the next steps of SERVERLESS- Setup.

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