Building a Basic Twitter Marketing Scheduling System (Excel Form)

While working at MediciGlobal as a marketing analyst, I had the opportunity to build one of the world’s largest Facebook communities “Team Epilepsy” with +260,000 followers from its inception. At first, we had no plan of action and had to move with different topics. It was changing almost messy.  Out of the frustration, I started building a structured system and developed standard operating process (SOP) in twitter marketing.

One of the SOPs that I build was Twitter Marketing Scheduling System, which allows anyone with Twitter to build consistent user growth, if he/she is motivated to follow through for weeks and months. Shown below is the system of check and balance that I’ve implemented before. For the purpose of the practicality, I made it simple so that people can write and push out the twitter for 2017 March and April. To this day, it is a very useful system if you can follow through.

Twitter Scheduling System
This is a very brief format of the Twitter Scheduling system, which can be made with a simple excel form to keep track of your progress on a daily basis.

[NOTE: If you want to read this image, then you can download and zoom the image. I have no problem of being shared with others, as long as it can improve your business. ]
Description of the System

(A) Instructions
This allows you to follow through the tweet system very smoothly. There are simple 6 steps, and you can use this to: (1) Research daily twitter topics, (B) Write 12 tweets, (C) Systemize your twitter tasks, (d) Identify what you did to your team members within the marketing department.

(B) Chart
Day of the Week – Whether your tweet was Monday or Sunday.
Date – DD/MM/YR to specify day and month of the year.
Main Topic – What subject/topic was trending in this day’s tweet?
Keywords – Which keywords were most important in this day’s tweet?
Signature – Were you able to finish your task and has the third party check your work?

(C) Marketing Analytics
Total Followers – What is the total number followers at the end of the day?
New Followers – How many new followers have you gained?
Growth % – What percentage of new users are gained?
Actionable Insights/Trends – What can you learn about the week’s twitter followers? Are there any particular user demographic following your twitter in specific keywords or #hashtags?
What does this “Twitter Marketing Schedule System” do exactly?
(1) Accountability
(2) Growth Focus
(3) Action & Result Driven Focus
(4) Balanced Stability

When you have system of check & balance, you create accountability and make everything move forward one small step at a time. To build strong growth focus, you have to know that, according to founder and billionaire Bob Parson’s Quote: “Small daily improvements over time create stellar result”. Additionally, by having to create check list, you can be honest to yourself and check if you did or didn’t do something. Thus, this twitter system will be more balanced and stable in creating long-term growth trajectory for your business.  (In the same logic, this can be applied to a Facebook page or Blog posting).

In order to perfect this system, you must have two factors played in it. These two factors are:

(1) Third Party Referee
Part of the non-bias judge is important since he/she will enforce the rules. Additionally, the action person will not be emotionally affected. Try to be very objective in following the system.

(2) Follow the Rules – Develop a strong punishment & reward system
If you agreed to follow something, stick to the system.

The system of “punishment-and-reward” or “operant conditioning” comes from the B.F Skinner, a famous behavior pscyhologist. In other word, punish someone if he/she doesn’t follow through the work (ex: make him/her pay for lunch or do a chore that annoys him/her.).  Making mistake is the nature of people since we are not perfect, but not trying is the worst mistake one can make.

A failure is not always a mistake, it may simply be the best one can do under the circumstances. The real mistake is to stop trying. – B.F. Skinner

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