“Diversity is the Engine of Innovation”

According to CNBC and CNN, today on March 1st, President Donald Trump has been suggested to sign a new executive order on immigration policy. President spokesman Sean Spicer said that President aims “to make sure that when we execute this, it’s done in a manner that’s flawless.”


I hope that President Trump knows that diversity is strength in creating improved outcomes. Based on a nationally representative survey of 1,800 professionals, 40 case studies, and numerous focus groups and interviews, Harvard Business Review team has identified that when at least one member of a team has traits in common with the end user, the entire team better understands that user. A team with a member who shares a client’s ethnicity is 152% likelier than another team to understand that client. So yes, diversity does matter because it gives us “outside-the-box” perspective, empathy, and understanding.

Without the diversity, we can’t know how others think or what new underlying and undiscovered issues are affecting the outcome of a problem. Most people think if you shortcut or block one problem (ex: immigration from Muslim country), then it will disappear. But, in fact, it is much like the 2008 economic crisis where if you block or avoid one problem without tackling the underlying cause, it just morphs into another form of problem under the same underlying cause.

The problem isn’t Muslim, but the underlying cause might be: “why people hate Muslim?” or “Are they the cause of terrorism?”. And if someone does discriminate Muslim, then do they think Muslim will not be more retaliating and wouldn’t they become anti-American in foreign countries where they have more economical or political strength? More importantly, how do antagonizing Muslim countries affect the middle east peace and potential oil crisis/economy in the future? What about the potential increase violent attacks on US bases/soldiers working in the countries with Muslim majority? Have the President considered or thought of those multiple issues that can occur at the same time?

When making a decision, the decision must be decided upon evaluating multiple aspects – including psychological, economical, relationships/political, and social aspect. They all come into integral part and because America is built upon millions of diverse people around the world (whom were at first immigrants), America is now able to utilize all different positive aspects of diverse people and culture.

Diversity is not a weakness, but of strength and value. The more we are diverse, the more we become stronger because we can tackle them with perspective in mind.

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