CASE STUDY- Lundbeck Alzheimer’s Disease Clinical Trial Advertising

On May 2015, as a marketing manager at MediciGlobal, I had the opportunity to create high-impact advertising result for an Alzheimer’s Disease clinical trial project – Phase IIISTARSHINE and STARBEAM. Currently, Lundbeck pharmaceutical is utilizing the same targeted advertising started and initiated on early May 2015.

CASE STUDY: Alzheimer’s Clinical Trial – Phase III Study

SITUATION:  With increasing competition for limited Alzheimer’s patients and strong clinical trial relevance knowledge across the various Alzheimer’s clinical trials, Lundbeck Pharmaceutical needed an effective patient recruitment for their already +3 months delayed Phase IIIa mild-to-moderate Alzheimer’s study. To increase its patient recruitment effort, the company consulted with MediciGlobal, which is now acquired by BioClinica Inc.

RECOMMENDATION: Through understanding of patient lifestyle and focusing on patients’ perspective, I evaluated targeted keywords and online content, analyzing more than +400 various websites – through SEO/SEM, Live Website Traffic, other tools – and recommended the top websites for permission marketing strategy. By focusing on the content leadership and analyzing website traffic, I recommended the integrated marketing strategy of utilizing both content leadership and influencer marketing techniques:

  1. Keyword Advertising through Google Ads & Yahoo Ads
  2. Sponsored Ads within Alzheimer’s Reading Room

I contacted a top Alzheimer’s Disease blogger, Bob DeMarco, who resides in Florida, directly and persuaded him in placing Alzheimer’s clinical trial ad within its website.

Through series of conversation and improving marketing messages, we placed our sponsored banner. With specific targeted audience, Alzheimer’s Reading Room created more than +50,000 visitors within 2 weeks, creating highly relevant content advertising and recruited the Alzheimer’s Patient more effectively than Google or Facebook. Most importantly, we’ve spend only $4000 for 2 months, with 200% ROI, and increased clinical trial website visits from 20 visits per day to +400 visits per day, creating both engagement and content relevance. With the total of +35,000 web traffic per week, Alzheimer’s Reading Room creates a hub of knowledge, combined with more than +5000 articles published in the last 5 years since 2011.

Shown below are the content in relation to my work and advertising effort done to promote Lundbeck Alzheimer’s Disease PHASE III Clinical Trials.


Email Contact to Bob DeMarco
In 2015, May 2, I contacted Bod DeMarco in developing a targeted advertising for Alzheimer’s Clinical Trial for LundBeck PHASE III clinical trial.


Visit for Alzheimer's Clinical Trial Banner Ad
Following is the Alzheimer’s Reading Room website traffic on weekly basis. On Regular basis, the website brought in more than +35,000 web visitors, accumulating nearly 150,000 visitors. The website has currently more than +95,000 shares on social media, across Facebook, Twitter, Bloggers, and other websites.

Currently, Alzheimer’s Reading Room continues to place targeted Ad – which is the Axovant Science Alzheimer’s Disease clinical trial. (You can visit the website and check:

Since 2015, Alzheimer’s Reading Room has sponsored Alzheimer’s Clinical trial for Lundbeck Phase III Study – MINDSET –