Book Reading During 2016 Labor Day Weekend

This week, while taking a break from the Labor Day weekend, I had the opportunity to read the book “The 5 Love Languages: The Secrets to Love that Lasts”. It helps you refocus on how to love another person or remind you the love you did in early dating period.

People have been in many relationship – both trivial and serious. But in many relationship that lasts long time, there are several commonalities. Some of these common themes were (1) Words of Affirmation, (2) Act of Service, (3) Affection, (4) Quite Time, and (5) Gifts.

These commonalities, which are foundation for lasting love relationship, originate from several observations that Gray Chapman made, as the author of “The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts”.

Words of Affirmation:
You need to express your love. Most people feel most cared for when their partner is open and expressive in telling you how wonderful they think you are, and how much they appreciate you. Expression and communication are essential foundation for lasting relationship.

Acts of Service:
Small act of sharing someone’s duty is act of service. For example, if your wife has to do laundry and dish-washing, along with taking care of the kids,  then as a loving husband, you should take time to lessen her housework. Give a hand by taking care of the kids, or doing the dishes without her asking.


You simply must “show and act”. A warm hug, a kiss, touch, and sexual intimacy make you feel most loved when this is your love language. More affectionate you are, the more your partner will feel loved.

Quality Time:
This is about being together, fully present and engaged in the activity at hand, no matter how trivial. Learn to stay next to your loved one, whether she/he is simply resting. Sometimes quite time together is as important as fun and activity time.

Take sometime in your busy life to remind your loved one by buying a small gift. A simple gift, such a cup of coffee or a flower or a chocolate, to your loved one is good enough. Just remind your loved ones that they are appreciated.

This book is really wonderful and great to read – both logically and emotionally relating. It is important to relax, read and learn about building relationship in this busy, demanding, work-driven world.

Hope everyone have a great Labor Day weekend!
Say “I love you to your parents” or to your loved ones if you have time.

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