Featured in Korea – PR Pitching

Back in 2016 May, I emailed several Korean news reporters, requesting to feature the startup company SelfScore. It was rather crude approach, but most growth marketing, at its infancy, focuses on building traction that brings in results.

If I was given $0 dollar to advertise or build a brand, the best I can do are the following:
1. Create a blog – Posting daily on the Finance Tech, Credit Cards and SelfScore
2. Pitch to News Journalist/PR News writers/Bloggers about SelfScore
3. Push out a syndicated information across Medium or other web free resources to create more buzz
4. Build SNS – Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, YouTube

Out of the these four basic tools for creating initial small traction, the 2nd approach is the hardest, since there is no way to measure the growth from statistical perspective. Every growth marketer or brand manager wants to measure the success – we need to keep track of “buzz” or “mentions. The 2nd approach is also hit-and-miss method that most people don’t use. Why? Since it is relatively hard to persuade a reporter to write a news article on your website. Yet, when done right, it can bring in higher growth attraction in the long-term.

By following up on various Korean news reporters and asking them to feature SelfScore, I was able to feature SelfScore in various Korean news site, including:

1. Yonhap News (Korea’s Largest Newspaper Network) 

Link: http://www.yonhapnews.co.kr/bulletin/2016/05/13/0200000000AKR20160513177900017.HTML

2. Korean IT News

3. MSN Korea News 

People say “Marketing is Easy”, but that is when marketing, in concept, is easy to build. But when in real-life, it is hard to create synergy between a brand and product marketing with positive impact, along with no advertising budget.

Getting result is easy when you have a $100,000 marketing budget, but if you have no budget, how would you solve your basic marketing/marketing problem?

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