Data Science

Dr. Ryan Swanstrom is a data science engineer at Microsoft, and he has been blogging about Data Science for the last several years. His blog is called “Data Science 101Data Science 101“.

According Dr. Ryan Swanstrom, “Data science is about using data to make more informed future decision” & “Data Science is all about prediction. That is what sets it apart from previous reporting such as traditional Business Intelligence (BI)”.

Data science has three aspects under 3Vs: 
1. Volume: Data sets are growing rapidly (a petabyte – 1 million gigabytes).
2. Velocity: Real-time task, including fraud detection, now needs powerful fast processing.
3. Variety – Data may come in unstructured form such as video, senor readings or texts.

If you are curious as to know the data science growth within the last decade, check and read through this infographics: 

Learn more about Data Science at:

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