Looking for Job? Check the 2015 recruiting survey.

Recruiting is fundamental to the health and success of all businesses today. Finding, nurturing, and hiring the right talent is now a dynamic, diversified process, requiring recruiters to tap into social networks, analytics, mobile, and beyond.

Jobvite released their 2015 Recruiter Nation Study on September 2015 and below are some key takeaway points the job seekers should pay attention to:


Recruiters are facing an increasingly demanding and competitive talent market

• 95% of recruiters anticipate the job market to remain or get more competitive.
• Over a quarter of companies anticipate hiring 100+ people in the next 12 months.
• 30% of recruiters report an average employee tenure of just 1-3 years.

Today’s dynamic recruiter uses every tool available to connect with job seekers

2015 Recruiting Survey on Social Media
More than 87% of the recruiters are using LinkedIn and Facebook to find their candidates. Have you built your Linkedin profile in professional manner?

• Only 4% of recruiters are not using social media in recruiting efforts.
• 72% of recruiters say data analytics is somewhat or very important in the hiring process.
• 19% of recruiters find quality hires via mobile career sites.


To recruit and retain the perfect fit, recruiters must prioritize relationships

• After referrals (78%), recruiters find their best candidates through social and professional networks (56%) and intern-to-hire programs (55%).
• 69% of recruiters have increased their initial salary offers in the last year.
• 63% note that offering employees benefits like medical and dental care is the most attractive incentive for new candidates, over perks like free snacks or casual dress code.

Referral beats all other recruiting methods.
Referral beats all other recruiting methods. At the end of the day, relationships beat all other recruitment efforts.


Quality still comes first

• 56% of recruiters cite the lack of skilled or qualified talent as a key stumbling block.
• In assessing quality, 88% report that culture fit is very important and 87% cite previous job experience as key.
• However, 57% report that GPA is unimportant and 63% believe cover letters are unimportant.
• In the next year, improving the quality of hires is the number one priority for a plurality of recruiters.

Other Interesting Facts To Note

  • 41% of companies report the average time to hire is 31-60 days.
  • 30% of employees have tenure of 1-3 years.


Lasting Impressions That Matter

Showing enthusiasm and knowing industry knowledge are the two important factors in leaving a great impression to your recruiter.

During your interview and every encounter with anyone who works for the company, these are the things that matter.
1. How enthusiastic are you about the job?
2. How is your conversational skills?
3. Are you punctual in the job interview?
4. Is your appearance professional?
5. How is your handshake method?
All of the above factors take into account in leaving a good impression.
Source: Jobvite 
Jobvite’s annual recruiting survey is the most comprehensive survey of its kind. The online survey was conducted in July 2015. The survey was completed by 1,404 recruiting and human resources professionals spanning several industries. Survey participants were comprised of both Jobvite customers and non-customers.

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