Hire the Self-Motivated Individuals

How to motivate and retain the top talent is key in developing successful team. But in order to build a long-lasting team, first you must know what type of people you have to find. This is when “self-motivated individuals” come into major play as they can determine the future course of a company. After all, people are the biggest asset in developing great company, not technology or system. People are the one who plan, organize, and execute all activities of a company.

What Exactly Is a Self-motivated Individual?

A self-motivated recruiting prospect, candidate, or employee is an individual with a track record of having the internal drive and motivation to begin and continue tasks without external prodding or extra rewards. You don’t have to identifywhy they are so driven. Just be satisfied with the fact that it is something in their character, upbringing, training, or attitude that drives them to work without any external stimulus or threat.

The Many Benefits That Come From Hiring Self-motivated People

Once you bring this recruiting approach to any hiring manager’s attention, they almost instantly appreciate its value. Below are some of the many benefits that come from hiring self-motivated people:
The benefits are long-term
Recruiting the self-motivated is “the gift that keeps on giving” because self-motivation is an internal character trait that is unlikely to change. That means that once they are on board as an employee, they will continue to work without needing to be watched over every day of their tenure. As a result, you need to multiply the added value of hiring a single self-motivated individual by the number of years that they are likely to stay.
They have no wasted hours
the primary measurable benefit of hiring self-motivated employees is that, because they continuously work hard, there are simply no wasted hours where they are paid but they are not working at their maximum. This means that there are no “slack hours” or times where they are not working at full speed. The term for describing these unproductive hours is “compensation waste”. They focus on building values, regardless of people watching or not watching.
They are most likely the top performers
Hiring self-motivated individuals would be problematic if they under-performed on the job. Fortunately, at least one academic study from the University of Jaffna revealed a direct positive connection between self-motivation and higher on-the-job performance. Because the self-motivated are willing to put in so many uninterrupted hours at 100 percent speed, this factor alone almost assures that they will be above-average performers.
No Extra Costs than Existing Benefits
Because they are internally or intrinsically motivated, you don’t have to pay them significantly more than other workers with the same experience and education level. If you offer them supplemental rewards for working hard, some may even take it as a personal affront that you think that they need external rewards just to do their job. They work for the belief of getting great things done.

ROIs of the Self-Motivated are High
The return on investment (ROI) on these self-motivated individuals is extremely high because on the cost side of the equation, they don’t require extra rewards. But they do produce high returns. First because they produce more output (because they work at 100 percent speed without interruption) but also because they free up so much expensive management time that otherwise would be spent on motivating them. Taken together that make their net ROI extremely high.

They are Driven to Succeed
Most of these individuals are not only self-motivated to continuously work but they are also driven to succeed. This drive to succeed means that most of them are also problem solvers and self-directed continuous learners who know how to adapt after they have learned. That means that when you give them a complex task, you can assume that they will be fully committed to every aspect of the task and that they will complete it without any further major action on the manager’s part.
Increased Productivity in Workforce 
Other workers around them will see their intensity and focus, they may cause other employees to voluntarily work just as hard. If they are visible to your customers, their visible work ethic may also impress your customers. That may result in more sales.

Self-Motivation is an Intrinsic Trait
Firms like Southwest Airlines and Zappos are noted for their recruiting approach, which is “hire for attitude and train for skills.” There is an alternative approach which is “hire the self-motivated and train for skills.” No research has shown that trained or skilled employee can be motivated. It is usually motivated individuals who can excel and learn difficult tasks.

Employee-Engagement is Not Necessary as Much.
Since self-motivated workers are intrinsically driven, managers and companies won’t need to take positive actions to reinforce their already strong loyalty and commitment.

Building a company with self-motivated individual is the key to finding success and innovation. Motivation is not fueled by money. Many employees will say they have the motivation, but what they do in their alone time show them their intention and motivations. Motivated individuals will strive to improve, take extra steps and build rapport effort that deliver proven results, not bunch of press releases or views. You can have millions of views, press releases and talking points, but if you don’t get any result after spending $30K ~ 50K, then that is a total wasted ROI and failure. Because all companies are on tight-budget, it is vital to calculate ROI, before investing large money.
Not for the Job, but for their potentials, behavioral success, attitudes in improving proven results. Don’t rely on their words, but rely on their proven measurable results. Always test the motivated individuals, before hiring for full-time. After all, at the end of any projects, the accomplishment of company’s project goal is most important, because that keeps the company running, pays for the salary, and brings in more future clients.