How To Stay Focus At Work


If you are in need of a pinch and wake up call from drowsy work, try these simple life hacks. These scientifically proven tricks will combat fatigue, tap into your reserves, and increase energy. (Each tip has a website source and a link for you to read).

1. Boost Up With Natural Sunlight!

With summer time, it’s time to go outside. The sun boosts your mood for more reasons than just a beautiful day. Top popular mindandbody blog says natural sunlighthas countless benefits. For example, your body releases serotonin when exposed to bright light. In 2007, a field study examined the effects of light on productivity. The study found that daylight boosts your productivity and wellbeing. Light has shown to impact your circadian rhythm. Therefore, if you have a workplace without natural sunlight, you could be feeling lethargic.

Lack of sunlight can even cause a form of depression known as seasonal affective disorder (SAD). It’s typically occurs during winter months, but has also been seen in those who work long hours in office buildings. Most of us experience mild depression in prolonged situations like this because the lack of benefits from the sun. It can cause your energy levels to plummet as you become void of motivation.

So if you are feeling drowsy and tired at work, take 2-3 minute break and walk outside to feel the sunlight. Little sunlight will boost your mood and focus.

2. Stay Hungry, Not Full!

We all know that eating causes drowsiness. This happens because digestion eats up a lot of energy. Your body redirects blood flow from different areas to assist in digesting your meal. We all get a little more sluggish after lunch (Yep. This is called mid-day laziness). So, when you need energy avoid food.

Research shows that hunger keeps you more awake and alert. In a study on fruit flies, hunger kept the flies awake 3 times as long as the fed flies. Although hunger doesn’t necessarily increase energy, it does increase focus and decrease drowsiness. Staying hungry to power through work will wade off the chances of waking up late the next morning too.

3. Take A Quick Light Jog.

We all know that exercising boosts your energy, but how do you hack it for boosting your energy levels?   You’d be surprised how a little stretching and walking around during your day will do to keep you energized.

If you’re heavy-stuck with too much work, take a short break for cardio. Not only will it clear your head, it will energize your body and make you feel great. A quick burst of cardio will get blood flowing, and increase oxygen to your brain. Most importantly, you’ll boost up with feel-good endorphins.

4. Take a Quick Nap.

Taking a quick nap every day is an ingenious way to increase energy reserves. Not only has quick nap is recommended by many productivity life hack website, this hack doesn’t require long-term practice to get the benefits. Next time you need to increase your energy levels, take a maximum 20-minute nap. But if you sleep more than 30 minutes during the day, you feel drowsy.

Note: Sleep deprivation leads to a serious reduction in your productivity and energy. A consistent sleep schedule is the key to increase energy and feel ready every morning.

5. Turn on Music! (Listen with Earpiece)

Neuroscientists discovered that listening to music activates your brain’s pleasure center. Throwing on some good tunes while cranking means you’re going to feel better. Music relieves stress and distracts you from fatigue.

Not only music boosts energy levels, the music will can enhance your focus. Stay motivated with music around 120 to 140 beats per minute. You could try out listening to different music.

If you need free music, then try out Spotify or Earbits. Both are awesome free listening music platform. Earbits is an absolutely no ad featuring music station and you can listen to more than +5000 musicians from indie, pop, rock, classic and many variety of genres.

One of my favorite songs is Looseby – LoNero, a jamming rock song with smashing mix. It gives some heavy beating to stay awake and helps me focus. You can try listening briefly.


With all of the daily tasks, it can be tough to find ways to build up your energy level. Adopting any combination of above tips will help you increase energy and tackle any feelings of fatigue! Hope you enjoyed this post!

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