UPDATE: Change in The Layout and Content


After weeks of consideration, StartupsGrid has decided to simplify its blog to the minimalist perspective. With fluctuating web visitors and irregular visits, we wanted to focus on the core contents. So we will remove the fancy designs.

To help you get more information and straight to the knowledge, the blog is now more user-friendly.

1.  We’ve removed the sliding content.
Yes, No more sliding top contents. It will improve mobile article reading and help you get faster information.

2. Added New Feature- Search Tab 
You can search your desired content.

3. Added Overall Content Tabs
Top tabs will improve and help you search content faster.

4. Curated Contents 
On Weekly basis, we will write 2~3 articles.

5. Focused on Great Content
We will provide information that is pertinent to business strategy and building competitive knowledge.

Thank you for following StartupsGrid.com.
The blog will now focus on writing contents for future and current followers.

Best Regards,
Co-Founder/Cheif Editor of StartupsGrid.com

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