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To everyone who is working hard and busy with their work, it is often difficult to make time to even read decent books. If you are like me (who buys books for learning and honing business skills), you might be saying “Hey, I don’t have damn time for this” because frankly, we are so busy with our daily routines – including washing clothes, taking care of kids (or pets), cleaning/washing dishes, watering plants, picking up laundry, taking trashes out, etc and etc.

Straight to the point: “We really need some practical ways to learn without bothering our life schedule”.

So here are the LifeHack Methods I’ve used for the past four months:

1. Learn while Driving to Anywhere

Instead of listening to the radio or turning on the pop/news, turn the radio off in your car.
A. Go to a public local library and browse for your favorite audio book.
B. Look for your favorite business, strategy, marketing, leadership or finance audio books.
C. Choose one of them, and borrow it.
D. Put in the borrowed CD into your car and turn on the audio book.
E. Drive and just listen to the author talking.

At first, this might seem rather boring, but if you get engaged into the audio book, you can appreciate the free learning without spending too much time.
By doing this method, I’ve already listened to several books – “Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap…And Others Don’t”, “Build to Last”, “FREE: The Future of a Radical Price” and many others. You will definitely save time and don’t have worry about reading +500 pages individually. Just make a mental note or rewind to re-listen your favorite phrase.

For local library directories, you can check out the nearest public libraries from here: Worldcat Library

WorldCat Library
Visit WorldCat to search more than +10M books, videos and audio books.

The Worldcat Libary will allow you to search more than +10,000 libraries in the world.

1. Type in the zip code or the nearest city you live in.
2. Check the library listing and see which ones are the closest to you.
3. Go to the public library website and start browsing!

2. Watch Infomercial & YouTube

Several business professionals (both individuals and companies) have set out to build their own group of followers in YouTube.
The best way people learn is through the combination of note-taking, watching videos and listening to key note speakers.

These choices of YouTube Videos are based on quality content & relevancy to social media marketing: 
A.  Building Your Action Plan for Social Media Marketing (Columbia Business School)

B. 10 Questions to Ask When Creating a Social-Media Marketing Plan(

C. What makes something go viral: Bryan Kramer on the power of the crowd (Social Media Today)

D. Guy Kawasaki: How to Use Social Media as an Evangelist for Your Business  –


3. Download Free Ebooks & Read While on Train/Bus/Subway

There are several free ebooks website that allow you to download to your smartphones, tablets and kindle fire. I’ve practically downloaded more than +50 different books through online without paying a dime. Downloading the books are important, but making commitment to read is your part. I can’t force you to read or learn.

A. Freebookspot  – As one of the world’s premium and widely searched website, this website is crowd-sourced and shared by millions of people.

FreeBookSpot is a collective ebook website that individuals can download for free.


B. Free Ebooks – Most commonly found on Online – You can also search Spanish and Portuguese Books

Read all your favorite books online fore free.
Read all your favorite books online fore free.


C. Oodles – Online Websites (You can download the Google App & Get More than 50,000 books in your device)

Visit and Download the oodles for your Android device.
Visit and Download the oodles for your Android device.


I’ve provided you with the three simple methods to learn fastest manner.

Learning is never easy, but once you get it, you will never lose that knowledge. 

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