Display & Mobile Rising Star Ads

IAB Rising Star Ads

According to the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau), there will be 5 display rising star ads and 5 mobile display rising star ads. Many major consumer product companies have started utilizing these ads since 2014 and have been slowly been adopted to various advertising sectors. For the convenience of understanding each new ads, this article summarizes the content in succinct manner (brief & straight-t0-the point).

Why Should You care about IAB Rising Stars?

Users attain more interactions than standard ads.
Rising Star Higher Interaction


Additionally, users’ interaction time with the rising stars have risen more than 200%.

Rising Stars Show Longer Interaction Time



IAB Pushdown (Full Spec Details

  • Runs on the top side of the page
  • Initially shows a teaser image/swf.
  • Enlarges into a full performing large ad space when a user pushdown the ad

IAB Portrait

  • Runs on the right side of the page
  • Offers a large ad space segmented into three panels
  • Can be customized with a variety of media streams and applications

IAB Slider

  • Overlay unit on the bottom of a page (or within an ad) prompts users to slide the entire page over
  • This reveals full-canvas branded interactive content
  • Branded content never falls “below the fold” and never covers editorial content

IAB Billboard

  • 970×250 canvas offers full rich media interactivity and the opportunity to showcase your brand however you want to tell the story
  • You can even turn the whole canvas into video for maximum impact
  • Offers full media interactivity

IAB Billboard Ad Unit


IAB Filmstrip

  • Total creative canvas of 300×3000
  • Includes a series of sequential ads in a single 300×600 unit
  • Combines storytelling with non-interruptive advertising
  • Allows for video and social media content within the filmstrip ad format
  • User-initiation option with clear signposting to scroll through the filmstrip ad


IAB Sidekick

  • Immerses users in the brand story
  • When a user clicks on an ad, the ad and other page content shifts to the left, making room for the ad to expand to the right across a canvas that quickly covers two-thirds of the screen
  • Expanded space is similar to what creative agencies are accustomed to when they compose campaigns for TV and print, allowing more room to tell brand story
  • Delivers rich media functionality, including video and interactive features



Mobile Rising Stars



  • Scrollable, multi-panel horizontal or vertical ad unit, much like “The Filmstrip” display standard ad unit
  • Richly engaging experience with tons of content possibilities delivered in page with users fully in control



  • Overlay unit on the bottom of a page mirrors touch screen habit, prompting users to slide the entire page over, unveiling a full brand experience, much like “The Slider” display standard ad unit
  • Optimal creative space keeping viewer fully in control of ad experience

Rising Star Ad - Slider

Adhesion Banner

  • Standard banner that “adheres” to its start position when device is rotated or when content is manipulated (e.g., with a tap to magnify)
  • Dynamically locks to designated area. Elegant solution to fundamental challenge

Adhension Banner

Full Page Flex

  • Full screen experience that accommodates both portrait and landscape orientation
  • An ideal creative canvas — the whole screen — with interactive functionality

Full Page Flex


  • A bottom or top banner that expands to full screen, not unlike “The Pushdown” display standard ad unit
  • Allows for an immersive, in-page ad experience, with users in control

Mobile Pull

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