Top 10 Ways to Building Traffic to Your Site Using YouTube


YouTube is great way to get traffic as video content can go viral almost instantly. If you create a video that all types of users enjoy, it is excellent in helping your traffic, but also it may lead to become a YouTube partner. Of course, you will have to generate a few videos which gather large amount of views, but it still is worth the effort.

So here are 10 ways to drive traffic to your site using YouTube or other video sharing websites (including Vimeo, Veoh, DailyMotion and more)

  1. Build Your Profile – This is obviously the most easiestpart- plain and simple. You can go toYoutube sign-up page to start this process. Oh, maybe it isn’t if you don’t have Gmail account. SinceYoutube is owned by Google,you have to have Google account to buildYoutube page.Your Youtube Channel
  2. Create Videos – You need to post up videos. You can upload video at
    Upload Your Video
  3. Research The Competition – this is supplementary to point #2. You will want to know what others are doing, and how they are successful. If possible, try taking a different approach to an otherwise boring topic. Also be sure to avoid looking at people getting 8,000 views, what you want is to look at those getting 7 figure views.
  4. Keyword Placement – adding keywords to your description is a great way to drive traffic to your video (and also your website), but avoid adding only keywords. You want to give a description to provide viewers with information, and not use black-hat methods to get views.
  5. Video Responses – have you ever watched a video and thought, “Wow that was so great, I want to reply using more than just text”. Well if you have, here is your opportunity. You can add a video response to videos that you watch. You can express how much (or how little) you enjoyed the video. This is great as you don’t have to create content, but can get your face in there, to get some traffic for yourself.
  6. Tags – Finding similar videos to yours. You can use tags (which are keywords that describe your video content). This will allow you video to be listed under “Related Videos”. So even if you don’t have the greatest content, you can still “piggyback” on the most viewed videos, by niche tags.
  7. Video Content Protecting– Creating a video is intimidating, and having someone take it is the worst anyone can do. So to avoid that, be sure to add a watermark (logo, symbol, website URL) to your videos, that way people know you are the original creator. But more importantly, within your video, put your own message to own the video content.
  8. Add Link – You want viewers to come to your site (or your YouTube channel) and to do that you need to give them a way. So be sure to add a link to your description, in your video, and also you can add a link on top of the video, which would lead to your site or other videos you have created.
  9. Preview Image – When you post a video, an automatic thumbnail preview will be created. Usually the preview comes from somewhere in the middle of the video. So if possible try to make sure that an interesting part of the video is in the middle of the video. That way your thumbnail will be more visually appealing.
  10. Get Audience Involved – Allowing viewers to comment on your video is an easy way to drive traffic, as users can have conversations on your video. But be sure to moderate the comments as they can create both positive and negative messages. You can go to admin page and moderate the comments.
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