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Search engine optimization (SEO), is the ability to create content on your blog or website that is appealing search engines (and readers). Your site needs to be created in a fashion that increases your visibility and ranking, as well as enjoyable by readers.

We’ve all heard of various methods we can employ to try and increase those rankings. Some sound difficult others sound too good to be true. Whatever method you decide to use, here are a few myths we have all heard and may even have used.

1.      Search engines use meta-tags to rank sites – sites currently look at hundreds of variables to determine what the rank of a site should be. They variables looked at range from keyword density, to links and freshness of content. There are many variables, some that are known, and others that only the search engine companies know of.

2.      Hidden text great way to increase key phrase density – This may initially drive traffic to your site, but with the updates in search engine capabilities, any black hat methods using this trick, will soon be obsolete. It’s a trick and the illusion only last so long.

3.      Good content will impact SEO immediately and drive traffic – Getting to the top of a search engine doesn’t happen overnight. You need to create a solid site, and then have a marketing campaign setup that will drive traffic to your site. Whether you are using basic methods such as social networking or employing paid advertising, you need to have at least a minimum strategy to drive traffic to your site.

4.      Heavy use of keywords will drive traffic – Using keywords heavily on your site may seem like a good idea, but really is useless. As mentioned above, search engines use various methods to rank a site. An important and overlooked variable is the readability of a site. If a blog uses many keywords in the posts, and makes it hard to understand, the search engines will pick up on that, and employ methods to counter that.

5.      Linking to authority websites, will give you credibility – If only it were as easy as that. Having backlinks from government or authority websites may sound simple (sometimes it is) and effect, but the truth is that it doesn’t hurt. It may help provide some traffic, but really isn’t going to impact you as much as you think.

6.      SEO is quick and easy – This is hardly the case. SEO takes time. If you are trying to optimize for the internet, it will take a considerable amount of time to getting it right. If some promises they can do it in a few short weeks, we recommend you question their methods.

7.      Update your site regularly to increase rankings – Updating your site will keep it fresh and up to date, but it won’t necessarily increase your ratings. It will be crawled by search engines at a higher rate, but it doesn’t mean it will increase your site ranking.

8.      Using H1 header tags for higher rankings – Keywords using H1 tags don’t actually affect your rank. Using an H1 tag is great if it goes along with the layout of your site, but due to the ever-changing methods to determine ranking, this may have been useful in the past, but by today’s standards it won’t do much.

9.      SEO One and Done – If SEO efforts were so simple, there would be a lot more people out there with high ranking websites. SEO doesn’t happen overnight and it definitely isn’t a onetime effort. Due to the constantly changing parameter requirements for SEO efforts, your strategy and efforts needs to change to meet the times.

10.  Forget about Conversion and Focus on Traffic – This is a big one. Instead of focusing on bringing in 100,000 viewers and having only 10 purchase your product, it is wiser to focus on the 10,000 users currently viewing your site and having 100 of them make a purchase. Traffic is important, but having the current users take the next step with you is more important.

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